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Cranmore Partners is honored to announce the launch of HyDeal Ambition, which aims to deliver 100% green hydrogen across Europe at €1.5/kg1before 2030. Joining a consortium of 30 trailblazing European energy players, Cranmore will act as a consultant and advisor for this critical renewable energy initiative built on two years of careful research, analysis, and design.As a series of projects producing and delivering green hydrogen through solar-driven electrolysis throughout Europe, HyDeal Ambition will balance renewable energy generation with customer-conscious pricing to unlock a viable carbon-neutral economy. “HyDeal brings together visionary CEOs and entrepreneurs who share the determination to accelerate the energy transition,” said Thierry Lepercq, spokesperson for HyDeal.  With operations at full capacity scheduled for 2030, the project will deliver 3.6 million tonnes of green hydrogen per year to end-users using the existing gas transmission and storage system. “It is a privilege to support HyDeal as it ushers in a new era in energy production. Our role further illustrates Cranmore’s invaluable experience with hydrogen projects as we help drive this initiative forward,” said Yusuf Macun, Managing Partner of Cranmore Partners.

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